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80 Ball Bingo

Game Information:

80 Ball Bingo games just like those usually played in between games in the clubs. It’s easy to play online just select the number of Cards (Tickets) you want to play then wait for the game to start, just sit back, watch and listen as the balls are called out. The numbers are automatically checked for you or if you prefer you can do it yourself.

80 Ball Bingo

Each card in 80 Ball Bingo has 4 rows and 4 columns. Each row has squares with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Each number that is called out and that matches a number on the bingo card is market on the card, thus producing patterns of marked numbers on the card.

Each game in 80 Ball Bingo has 3 separate prizes corresponding to 3 patterns on the bingo card:-

Any 1 Line: Any row with all numbers on that row called.

Pattern: Various patterns from the Alphabet, Numbers or even Shapes; the pattern required will be displayed during the game.

Coverall (Full house): All numbers on the bingo card called.

80 Ball Bingo games sometimes have Jackpots whereby a Coverall is achieved within a set number of bingo calls, usually 47 or under. 80 Ball Bingo games also sometimes have Progressive Jackpots whereby a Coverall is achieved within a set number of bingo calls, usually 42 or under.

80 ball card





Ticket Cost:
  • Free - £1
Game Details:

Bingo Card has 5 rows, 5 columns and 1 wild.

Winning Patterns

Any 1 Line.



Jackpot: Full house in 47 balls or under.

Progressive Jackpot: Full house in 42 balls or under.

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