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Gamble using Neteller

Go Game.co.uk Gambling sites that accept Neteller lists all of the major sites where you can gamble using Neteller. Each Go Game.co.uk Gambling sites that accept Neteller listing has all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to play.

Sky Vegas Casino

Sky Vegas Casino - Accepts Neteller for online casino payment processing.

Sky Vegas Casino


bgo.com Casino - Accepts Neteller for online casino payment processing.

bgo Casino

BetVictor Casino

BetVictor Casino - Accepts Neteller for online casino payment processing.

BetVictor Casino

Commonly seen as a suitable alternative to PayPal, UK-based FSA regulated payment processing service Neteller is primarily and in fact almost exclusively used by online gambling companies or their customers. It is not a bank, as it is commonly mistaken to be, and by FSA governance it must hold enough funds to repay every customer account at once if required.

Functioning in over 180 countries worldwide, Neteller boasted they process payments for around 80% of the gambling industry correct as of 2005, despite the fact they only took on betting payments at the turn of the millennium. It is incredibly popular for several reasons, one of which is the number of ‘top-up’ facilities it accommodates. Competitor PayPal allows bank/card funding or MoneyPak crediting only, where Neteller accounts can be topped up by around 10 different methods to suit every user. It is also a suitable base to receive payments when required.

The money within a Neteller account can be used or spent in many ways including: To transfer to other users for whatever reason, To spend online on shopping, For betting/wagering/gambling purposes, At a retail outlet using the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, which is easy to top up and is accepted anywhere that takes a normal MasterCard as payment.

They also offer a Neteller Net+ virtual prepaid debit card which is noted as especially effective toward fraud prevention, as each card number is only used once. This way, if an account is hacked, the hacker cannot get far trying to steal funds.

Overall it is very safe to online gamble using Neteller as long as, like all payment methods, you don’t give anyone your account details.

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