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Gameshow Hi Lo

Game Information:

Gameshow Hi-Lo - guess whether the next card will be higher, lower or the same and get bonuses along the way! Gameshow Hi-Lo is one of the many Hi Lo Instant Games that are very popular on the internet.

Gameshow Hi Lo





Betting Limit:
  • Standard: 0.50 - 500
  • Jackpot
Game Details:

Choose the value of your start card.

Choose whether you think the next card will be higher, lower or the same. Remember you can't go lower than a 2 or higher than an Ace.

After each round that is won, you can either bet on to reach the bonuses and try to complete the game, or you can opt to collect your winnings.

  • Select Stake + -
  • Start
  • Choose Start Card + -
  • Higher
  • Same
  • Lower
  • Collect
  • Lobby

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