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Live Dealer Baccarat

Game Information:

Online Live Baccarat or Live Dealer Baccarat has real casino dealers that are broadcast via a live video stream. There is no RNG (random number generator) in these games, you watch as the dealers and croupiers deal real cards.

The dealers and croupiers are a key part of your experience in Live Dealer Baccarat and you can chat with them during the game.

The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of the cards dealt to the player and the banker.

Live Dealer Baccarat





Betting Limit:
  • Standard: 1 - 500
  • Player Bet: 1 to 1
  • Banker Bet: 1 to 1 (-5%)
  • Tie Bet: 8 to 1
Game Details:

All 10-score cards, or scores which total 10, are counted as zero. For example, if a seven and a six were dealt, totaling 13, 10 points would be deducted, making the total three.

To play, you place your wager on any one of the following hands:

The banker's hand.

The player's hand.

A tie.

The player's hand and a tie.

The banker's hand and a tie.

  • Deal
  • Clear
  • Lobby

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